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Discover our solutions designed for language learning: podcasting, languages tablets, language laboratory, ...


"THE ALL-IN-ONE USB COPIER"As easy to use as a photocopier, the Duplicator and Dupli Mini copy all types of digital files from one memory to 35 or 35 memories to one. Perfectly adapted for podcasting.

MP3 / MP4

Find our MP3 players used for PodcastsVoice recording function 4 Capacities 128 MB (Product temporarily out of stock. You can replace this product with 1 GB MP3s which offer more storage capacity), 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB.MP4 players audio/vidéo 4 Go Voice, video and photo recording capability.

Language laboratories

The new device for language learning in the classroom (25 to 30 Watts) equipped with MP3 player, USB port and Bluetooth.Lightweight and easy to carry, it allows the broadcasting of sound to the whole class (20 to 35 people)