DUPM35M Duplicator 35 ports (MP3/MP4 charging) : USB MP3 and MP4 Copier

1249,17 Excl. Tax

NEW DESIGN Duplicator (Load MP3/MP4) 35 ports: USB / MP3 / MP4 (USB 3 compatible)


As easy to use as a photocopier, the Duplicator lets you quickly copy all types of files

– from audio to video, text, image… to any USB memory device at the quick press of a button. Files can be copied in two directions: from 1 device to 35 or from 35 to 1 Features of Duplicator  Copy any type of file (audio/video…) from the teacher’s flash drive to 35 students flash drives or tablets. Each student can then individually listen to or view the file set by the teacher.

– Transfer 35 students’ audio and video files etc. onto the teacher’s flash drive or tablet. To collect each piece of work produced by your students.

– Duplicator can charge both MP3 and MP4 players quickly. 30 mins charge = 3h battery life, for every BARTHE MP3 players 30 mins charge = 2h battery life, for every BARTHE MP4 players 1h30 mins charge = 9h battery life, for every BARTHE MP3 players 1h30 mins charge = 5h battery life, for every BARTHE MP4 players

– Delete all files on the student’s flash drives or tablets.

– Individual Load indicator  (for every MP3/MP4 players)

– Create identical copies of one flash drive, Allows to copy out the completeness of a MP3 on all the others.

– Selective copying, Copy and collection of files depending of the teacher’s course Technical Specifications

–    Stand-alone device; doesn’t require a PC to copy the files

–    Copy speed: 4MB/s

–    Cable combination is possible until 3 Duplicator (105 USB ports)

–    Weight: 2Kg  

–   2 year warranty

–    Supplied with its case