1. Why does the music/media start/stop and restart?

MP3 player is set to ‘PLAYBACK’ mode by sampling.
Go to ‘Music’ (MSC) “M” – Switch on sound – “M” – Traffic mode – “M” – Normal traffic mode “M”– Select the playback mode with the flash drive “M”, then return to the playback menu by pressing “M”.

  1. Why is there a black line on the screen?

This is an irreparable physical problem; if under warranty it should be returned for exchange within one year.

  1. When I want to delete a file but the device doesn’t allow it, what should I do?

MP3 player has not been ejected properly from the PC; the files may be corrupted and placed in a hidden folder. Search the folder “TRASH” or “FOUND” for the copy on another drive, then reformat the MP3 player.


  1. The message “Disk Error” is being shown on the screen of the MP3 player, what should I do?

MP3 player needs to be reformatted.

  1. How to format an MP3

Connect the MP3 to a computer, go to start Computer. Go to the USB drive concerned – Right click: Format. CAUTION: REFORMATTING CAUSES LOSS OF ALL MP3 PLAYER DATA


  1. Why does the MP3 display not turn on?

Your MP3 has no more battery, it must be charged on a USB port (Duplicator or computer energised) and the MP3 player turned ON. Allow the MP3 to charge for a few hours.


If you have 1GB or 2GB MP3 player (E – F – G generation), there may be a software problem, in which case you need to upgrade. Procedure on our website: https://www.barthe-audio.com/mises-jour-soft-i-13.html

  1. There is a malfunction between MP3 and DUP / PC, what should I do?

You must repair the MP3 player, at Windows: Start – Computer – go to the USB drive concerned – Right click – Property – Tool – check now – check all boxes – Then Start.

If this is not enough, reformat the drive. WARNING: THE REFORMAT WILL CAUSE LOSS OF ALL DATA ON THE MP3 PLAYER.

8. FAQ: How does the MP3 BARTHE work with the Duplicator? Why doesn’t the Duplicator copy a sound file? The sound file is not saved in the Record / Voice directory. You must reconfigure the MP3 to record it back into the Record / Voice directory

Go to Record (REC) – “M” – then when in Main menu “M” scroll through the settings with the buttons to find the Record / Voice Record menu, then select Voice and press Play / Pause for 2 seconds to save the settings.

  1. MP3s are not loaded after several hours of charging on the Duplicator.

The Duplicator will only charge MP3s if they are ON. Also some MP3s need to be turned ON quickly after being plugged into the Duplicator. Finally if MP3s are left ON with the Duplicator off, the MP3 will lose battery quickly.