Duplicator 35 + 36 MP3 1 GB Pack (DUPM35M + 36 M1)

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Duplicator 35 + 36 MP3 in 1 GB pack with flight case included (DUPM35M + 36 M1)

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Pack Duplicator 35 p. students + 1 p. teacher (MP3/MP4 load) with 36 MP3 in 1 GB.
The carrying case is included in this pack.


As easy to use as a photocopier, the Duplicator makes it easy to transfer documents from the teacher’s player to the students’ players and from the students’ players to the teacher’s player. Any type of audio or video file can be copied to any USB memory at the touch of a button. It’s the ideal tool for podcasting in the classroom.

It lets you load audio/video files from a master player into 35 student players. Each student can then listen individually to the file provided by the teacher. The Duplicator can also transfer 35 student audio/video files to the teacher’s player. This is called “picking up” the audio copies.

The Duplicator copies most mass storage devices in USB key format.

Some examples of teaching situations requiring the use of the Duplicator:

1) Document copying: the teacher downloads a document from the Internet and saves it on the USB key. This document can then be copied to the 35 students’ media in a single operation.

2) Checking knowledge in the classroom, either by listening or recording: On entering the classroom, the teacher distributes the audio/video copies and on leaving the classroom he collects the audio/video copies using the Duplicator.

3) Oral training at home using MP3/MP4: the Duplicator allows the teacher to easily distribute audio/video homework assignments and also easily collect students’ work.

Features :

– stand-alone device that does not require the use of a computer to make copies

– copies the contents of one mass storage device to 35

– copies the contents of 35 memories into one

– all memories can be erased

– Audio player battery recharging with charge control, 30 minutes charge = 3 hours autonomy, 90 minutes charge = 9 hours autonomy

– Video player battery charging with charge control


– 36 x 1 GB mp3

– Built-in microphone for voice recording

– Supplied with stereo earpieces for each player

– Recommended for “audio copy collection”.