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Digital technology has changed the classroom. Barthe has accompanied this change by creating the CCII, a box that allows the use of all mobile devices in the classroom.



An extraordinary educational tool :

Tablets offer students many benefits, including increased motivation, encyclopaedic access to information, data sharing, learner assessment, diversification of teaching strategies, more individualised learning that respects the pace of each learner, and the improvement of IT skills.

The classroom use of tablets must be controlled :

Teachers must be able to control the use of tablets easily and according to their educational programme: use of the internet, intranet and applications on the tablets, as well as the distribution and collection of papers. To be fully effective, the tablets must be integrated into a system that enables all these tasks to be performed.

This is why BARTHE, the creator of technical solutions for education, has created the CCII, a box that interconnects all types of mobile device.


 Data exchange

The CCII enables the totally reliable exchange of documents. It is designed to enable dependable, simultaneous Wi-Fi exchange at the classroom level. With a single click, it is capable of distributing a 10-minute (50Mo) video from a teacher to 30 students in 15 minutes, leaving them time to work with the video during the class.

Teachers can then just as simply collect students’ papers with a single click on their terminal.

This collection is carried out both on the teacher’s terminal and on a USB stick connected to the CCII, enabling teachers to correct the papers on their terminal and on an external PC (optional).

In addition, the CCII makes it possible to send group or individual messages between teachers and their students.

In addition to exchanges between teachers and students, the CCII has group storage space that enables the pooling of group work.



With its independent Wi-Fi network, teachers can use their tablets for a mobile class independently of the establishment’s infrastructure.

Whenever they wish, teachers can also activate a connection to the establishment’s internet/VLE to open up class activity to the exterior.

 Class management

Class management is simplified with the CCII. You can automatically create your class, depending on the number of students present. You can also simply update it.

The initialisation of students’ devices can be carried out directly from the teacher’s terminal.


The CCII is compatible with all Android mobile devices and will soon be available for 

( IOS, Linux, Windows 10).



Optional : 

8 GB USB stick to store work for later use and to store CCII applications

OP 021: Optional 64 GB of group storage space

OP 020: Optional 32 GB of group storage space