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, the tablet solution dedicated to languagesBarthe lingwi 3


Barthe lingwi 3This tool is the newest addition to our famous ‘language laboratory’ range, the “Edu Combi”, and our podcasting system, the “Duplicator”.   

Based on 40 years of experience in the design of technology for languages, Barthe has developed this complete solution to provide language teachers and students with a new and improved learning experience whilst remaining true to its philosophy: to build solutions that are reliable and easy to use.

BARTHE Lingwi is a solution designed around tablets, a fun and educational tool using different modes of interaction: see, hear and touch, the key to successful learning of foreign languages.

With a height of 7 inches, our tablets are light and easy to carry but also fully designed for "multimedia": watching videos, audio/video recording, listening to podcasts or audio books…, Barthe has designed the system with specific components to strike a balance between support for podcasting and complete digital media.

The tablets come installed with our ‘duplication’ system, allowing copying from 1→ n and n →1 to distribute assignments (audio files, text, image, video or other) to and collect them from your students, as simply and quickly as with the ‘duplicator’. The tool "Damoclès" allows you to supervise your students from your tablet, with the function "Digital Call" enabling contact.  

Find again the function RN, digital repeater.

The solution 8 tablets (Ready to use)  from 863,82 € ET.

Technical Package Pack Eco  Pack Premium
Tablets B7L configured (7") Ο Ο
System ClassCaptor 1 Ο Ο
Additional language applications 2 Ο Ο
Multicharger MC 16 Ø Ο
Router Ο Ο
Flight Case (Carrying Case) Ο Ο
Storage of documents Ο Ο
Shelf cases Ø Ο
Price for solution 8 tablets "Ready to use"

863,82 € ET


1 273,77 € ET


Price for solution 16 tablets "Ready to use"

1 527,98 € ET

(CM8L + 8Tab B7L configured)

2 012,82 € ET

(CC8L + FC8L)

You can also equip the solution 10 tablets, contact us for more information.

1 The ClassCaptor system includes the following features: "Class Call", "Collection of Productions", "Distribution of Productions", "Supervision of Students"

2 Many applications for languages ​​are preinstalled, we can also install additional applications on demand (depending on conditions)


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Solution developed with a financial assitance of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, FRANCE  logo LR

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